Occorrente per la corrispondenza

Items for correspondence

September 2023
Mid-term publication

*Occorrente per la corrispondenza* (Items for correspondence) returns, in a new form, the network of thoughts about dwelling that Corrispondenze has been collecting, preserving and sharing for a while. Through play, and the desire to discover, collect, and exchange, this kit reactivates and nourishes the network of relationships that underlies the entire project. It gives to the words collected, and those yet to be discovered, the opportunity to enrich each other in an infinite collection of possible definitions.

The archive in September 2023 consists of 156 thoughts and images catalogued by geographical coordinates.

Collect them all and become part of our archive too!


Inside this kit you will find:

– 1 packet of trading cards (5 cards)

– 3 cards for writing new thoughts

– 1 pencil to start writing immediately

– 1 stamp and 1 envelope to send us your your answer to the question “What does inhabiting a space means to you?” and add a new piece to the shared archive on dwelling.