Corrispondenze is participation-based artistic and editorial project, born in Turin in 2021 from the collaboration between Paola Boscaini and Cristina Materassi.

Over the years, Corrispondenze has proposed activities of reflection and shared investigation on the theme of dwelling, as well as the publication of a series of artistic editorial products, conceived as a platform for relations and archiving in constant evolution.

Corrispondenze is a collection of stories, thoughts, and words that explore the meaning of inhabiting a space in a particular geographical area. It deals with territories, mapping places, and proposes potential methods for crossing and understanding them.

The goal of the project is to create a common space for the imagination and a collective reflection on the theme of dwelling, through an artistic practice that takes shape from places and communities.

Paola Boscaini
Born in 1997 among the mountains of Trento, she started her Academic education in Visual Arts in Florence and completed it in Turin in 2023. Here she founded in 2021 the artistic and editorial project Corrispondenze, in collaboration with Cristina Materassi.
From April to September 2023, she did a postgraduate internship in Vienna at the art space philomena+ and currently lives and works in Bolzano in the field of cultural production at Lungomare.
Through participatory art practices, photography, video and editorial design, she investigates topics such as dwelling and memory.

Cristina Materassi

Born in Florence in 1997.
After a three-year course of study at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, she completed her
training in Turin.

She currently lives and works between Turin and Breda, Holland.

Her artistic practice takes shape around the spatial relationships of everyday elements.


Marianna Rania (2021)

Vittorio Zampinetti (2022-ongoing)

Alessandra Baldon (2022-ongoing)

Ofelia Tondi (2023 – ongoing)

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